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Star Wars Collectibles: 4 Moving Services Ideal For Transporting & Protecting Your Collection

Ever since its original release in the late 1970s, Star Wars fans have enjoyed the release of thousands of tie-in items related to the movie, characters, and the worlds. If you collect Star Wars merchandise, then you know how valuable these items can be. Even loose action figures can sell for hundreds of dollars if they are from the original series. If you are moving, then one of your main concerns may be the transportation of your Star Wars merchandise. By hiring professional movers, you can select from personalized services that will ensure all of your items are delivered to your new home safe and sound. The following four services are ideal for moving your Star Wars collectibles and can be found through a majority of moving companies.

Crate Packaging

As a Star Wars merchandise collector, you may own some larger pieces that are fragile. For example, you may own large figurines, authentic Star Wars costumes, or display pieces related to the franchise. Instead of just packing bulky Star Wars items in a box, you can hire moving services for crate packaging. This type of packaging features a custom-made wooden crate used to securely hold your items. For example, if you own a Star Wars pinball machine, a crate can be made to fit on all sides of the pinball machine. Along with the security of the outside of the crate, the inside can be filled with bubble wrap and other insulation to prevent items from moving around. As the crate is being carried into a truck, it can prevent any scratches, dents, or other cosmetic damage from occurring on your items.

Moving Insurance

As a Star Wars collector, you probably understand how much your collection is worth. Having to transport your collection in any form can create risks, even with the help of a professional moving company. Instead of worrying about your items, you can get protection for them through moving insurance packages. Before the items are packed and placed into a truck, you have the option of signing up for a "Full Value" insurance package. This allows you to declare a total value for all of the collectibles that are being moved. If the items go missing or become damaged, then the moving company will reimburse you for the full value of the items. The amount you pay for Full Value is typically around 1% of the item's value. For example, if you own the star Wars Cantina Adventure Set and value you it around $300, then insurance coverage for that specific item would be $3.00. All of your collectibles can be separately priced and charged or you can group them together for a bulk price. Taking the time to go over different insurance options can ensure that your items are fully protected.

Storage Unit Rentals

In some cases, your new home will not be ready for all of your collectible items. You may need to renovate areas or prepare display cases before the items can be unpacked. If this is the case, then you can utilize moving service companies that offer storage unit rentals. Storage units offer the space and protection to properly hold your Star Wars items until your home is ready for them. Many units are climate controlled to help prevent damage due to hot or cold weather. A lot of units are also completely dark, protecting items from natural sun damage and aging. This is especially important for Star Wars collectibles like action figures and posters. UV light can cause colors to fade in these collectibles. When using a storage rental unit from a moving company, they can unload the items in a unit and then back into the truck when your home is ready. This makes it easy to have the items transported without as much work on your end.

Home Electronics Assembly

A lot of Star Wars collectors enjoy collecting the various releases of Star Wars on home media. As a collector, you may own VHS tapes, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs of your favorite Star Wars movies and television shows. Instead of waiting to set up your collection and viewing platforms, you can hire moving services for a home electronics assembly. These types of services includes the dismounting and packaging of your current TV. By picking a spot for the TV in a new home, movers can connect the television, attach it to cable boxes, and unpack all of your media for easy access. This can help save a lot of time during your move and help prepare multiple home entertainment areas. Not only is this great for watching Star Wars content, but video game consoles can also be connected if you enjoy playing a lot of Star Wars video games.

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