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Five Benefits Of Hiring Movers To Help You Move

Moving is never fun for anyone. It means a lot of hard work, sweat, and possibly dropping furniture on your foot. It also means that whoever you scrounge up among friends and family can take off on you whenever they like. Between inconsistent help and pulling teeth to get it, you tend to dread moving day. However, if you hired movers to help you move, there is not that much to dread, if anything. Here are five benefits of hiring total strangers to do the job none of your friends or family want to do.

Movers Are Dependable

Movers are contracted to help you move. They cannot back out until the job is complete. It does not matter whether you hire two people or ten; you can depend on consistent service every time. That is reliable help that works hard, and helps you get everything moved quickly and safely.

Accidents Happen, but Licensed and Bonded Movers Cover Their Own Medical Bills

If the movers drop heavy objects on themselves, guess what? They take their medical bills and claims up with the boss, not with you. The movers are covered by workers compensation laws, regardless of the nature of the work that they do. Work-related injuries with moving companies are all the responsibility of the moving company and its workers.

Everyone Works to Resolve a Problem

If you got a grand piano in your living room, it got in there somehow. That means that regardless of how heavy it is, and how the width of the doors do not cooperate, the movers will figure out how to get the piano out. Likewise, any other unique challenges with moving your belongings are a team effort to find the solution that works. No one will sit around staring at the piano, and say, "Nope, not going to move that. Not going to do it. Cannot be done." Movers do not do that. They figure it out and they get the job done.

Unforeseen Events Are Worked Around

If you have an emergency, you are free to go. The movers are bonded, licensed, and insured, which means that they can handle the move even if you are not there. If the movers have an unforeseen event, such as getting stuck in rush hour traffic for two hours, it is up to them to still get the moving truck to you and stay past quitting time to unload it. They are there for you, and whatever local moving services you need, they provide.

Verbal Conversation Is Kept at a Professional Level 

When you coax and bribe friends and family to help you move, they agree, often begrudgingly. About half way through the day, a friend or family member will probably start complaining, or attempt to make an excuse to duck out. By the end of the day, right before sunset, a few more will join in. The group consensus will be to quit, even if the truck is not fully unloaded. If you cannot afford to keep the truck overnight, you will probably be stuck unloading the rest of the truck by yourself.

On the other hand, movers are much more professional about moving than your friends and family are. They stick to very professional conversation in a tone that denotes respect and presents with empathy for your situation. The most you may hear out of your movers is a lot of huffing and puffing while they work quickly to load and unload the truck, and the occasional question about packing or placing items. For you, that really alleviates some of the tension you feel about moving, as you dread hearing people whine and then slow down progress.