Organizing Your Storage Unit

Protecting Items You Place Into Storage

If you're going to be putting some things into a storage unit, then you will want to know that you are storing them in a way that keeps them in the best shape as possible. Here is some information on the ways that you will want to protect certain items when they are going into a storage unit.

Protecting large pieces of glass

If you don't protect glass before you put it into the storage unit, then there are many ways that it can end up broken. Glass can be expensive, such as glass used for tabletops. It can cost a lot to replace. Also, other things can be damaged when the glass breaks, like the wood furniture being scratched or fabric getting sliced.

You can protect the glass by wrapping it in a furniture blanket and taping the blanket in place. Also, you can place the wrapped glass between mattresses or even slide it between other large objects like the washer and drier. You do want to make a large sign stating the glass is between the items and tape it where it will be seen. This way, someone won't move an item and cause the glass to fall.

Protecting appliances

You want to make sure you tape the cord for the fridge to the side of it to avoid it having something set on it and bending the prongs. You also want to keep the fridge and freezer doors open a couple of inches, so they won't start to stink..

You should also remove the knobs from your stove if they protrude in a way that can cause them to break off when moving things around in the storage unit. Cords should also be taped to the sides of the appliances. Glass shelving that would be at risk of breaking when moving the unit should be wrapped in towels or other protective materials and stored in the appliance if possible. Any long hoses should also be wound up and secured with zip ties so they don't get damaged.

Protecting pictures

If you have expensive artwork, like pictures, and you are going to be putting them into storage, then you will want to make sure your unit has climate control, so they won't be damaged from the heat or coldness. Put the pictures in the storage unit without allowing them to touch one another. Make sure there are no sharp objects anywhere near the pictures.

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