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Residential Moving, Your Friend's Recommendations, And What You Need To Know

Do your friends rave about the residential moving company they used? If you're in the market for a mover and your nearest and dearest claim they know the best contractors in town, take a look at the questions to ask your friend right now.

Why Did You Choose the Mover?

Ask your friend what made them choose this specific moving company. The answer to this open-ended question can help you to judge whether the contractor will meet your needs or not — especially if your move is similar to your friend's move.

Was It Easy to Schedule Your Move?

What type of availability does the mover have? Your friend can help you to better understand how far in advance you need to schedule your move (with the contractor they used) or whether it's easy to secure the day you choose.

If your friend moved during a different time of the year or week, their answer may not provide you with the fullest answer. Some movers are busier in the warmer months and on the weekends. This means your friend's Saturday move in May was probably more difficult to schedule than your Tuesday, February time-frame.

Was the Service Affordable?

While it's tempting to ask your best friend how much they paid for their move, the quote they share may have little to do with your total moving costs. A moving estimate depends on several factors. These could include quantity, weight, or the types of items.

Heavy furniture, a piano, or fragile artwork may cost more to move. The same goes for a second truck or extra movers to handle an excessive number of boxes and bins. But if you have less to move or lighter items (in comparison to what your friend needed to move), you may pay less.

When you ask this question, focus the discussion on the value your friend got for the services the movers provided — and not a specific number. This can help you to decide whether the mover will provide the services you need at a reasonable price.

How Would You Grade the Mover?

Would your friend give the moving company an A+ in the service category? Ask for an overall letter grade and the reason behind it. The answer can provide added insights into how well the contractor performed and whether they met your friend's moving needs. If you want more detailed information, ask your friend to grade the mover in different categories — such as organization, efficiency, or communication.

For more information on residential moving, contact a local company.