Organizing Your Storage Unit

Stay Organized This Coming Move By Working With The Right Movers

Moving can be a big challenge, with a lot of planning and preparation that is involved in making it successful. Since you'll want your belongings to arrive safely at the destination, it's wise to work with professional movers rather than going about the entire process yourself. 

If you want to stay organized and have all the necessary paperwork and planning taken care of in advance, consider the following tips for making your move as smooth as possible.

Request a Written Quote

One of the most essential pieces of documentation to collect is a written quote from the moving company. The quote should include a list of services provided, any fees associated with the services, and the total cost of the move. Make sure that the quote is valid for the date of your move and that an in-person walkthrough is done if there are any concerns regarding the size of your home or the complexities involved in your move. 

Keep the written quote secure and accessible in case there are any questions or issues regarding the move later. 

Ask About Packing Services 

It's common for a house to look like a mess when a move is around the corner. From boxes of clothing and shoes to kitchen appliances and furniture scattered throughout the house, it can be difficult to keep everything organized. 

To avoid the added stress of packing everything, it's best to see whether the moving company offers assistance with packing. It can be a significant challenge to pack and use the correct packing supplies to keep everything secure during the move. If you opt for getting assistance with packing, you can dedicate an area of the home for boxes and furniture to be stored until the day of the move. 

Look Into a Parking Permit

Another piece of documentation you'll need to collect before your move is a parking permit. Whether you live in a single-family house or an apartment complex, it may be necessary to reserve a parking spot for the moving truck to park in. Check if there's a permit involved and whether you have to request it or if it's a task left to the moving company.

Keeping your move organized can help you avoid stress and time spent on the moving process. Since hiring the right moving company can alleviate a lot of your concerns regarding a move, it's best to get started early and consider the above steps before moving day.