Star Wars Collectibles: 4 Moving Services Ideal For Transporting & Protecting Your Collection

Ever since its original release in the late 1970s, Star Wars fans have enjoyed the release of thousands of tie-in items related to the movie, characters, and the worlds. If you collect Star Wars merchandise, then you know how valuable these items can be. Even loose action figures can sell for hundreds of dollars if they are from the original series. If you are moving, then one of your main concerns may be the transportation of your Star Wars merchandise.

Tips To Help You Follow Regulations For Safely Storing Flammable Liquids At Work

Any type of liquid that creates vapors that can explode when they are exposed to heat at or below 199.4 degrees F is considered flammable and needs to be stored following OSHA's regulations. These guidelines are to prevent fire hazards at your work in areas where a large quantity of flammable liquids are kept. Here are some of these guidelines for storing your flammable liquids at work. Liquids Considered Flammable Flammable liquids are broken down into four different categories according to the flashpoint of each.

Hiring Movers? Here's How You Can Help Them Get The Job Done Quickly And Effectively

One of the best ways to reduce stress during a relocation is to hire a professional moving company like a.m.p.m. Movers to do all the heavy lifting for you. Your stuff is typically insured when in the hands of a professional company, and you can expect that the right tools and resources will be used to ensure that everything stays safe from damage or loss.  While professional movers don't require any assistance on your part to make sure that the move goes smooth, there are a few things you can do to support the movers to maximize effectiveness and minimize time loss.

Time To Downsize: Tips For Moving From A Large House To A Smaller Home

The kids are grown, and maintaining the larger house is getting to be a bit much. Moving to a smaller place, possibly a garden home or an apartment, will mean making some tough decisions about what to take and what needs to go.  With a little help, you can get rid of the extras before the movers show up and still have everything necessary to make the new place comfortable. Read this article to learn more about downsizing effectively.

How To Make Sure Your Belongings Are Insured When Using Self Storage

As you're preparing to move to a new house, you might have the need to rent a self storage unit. You may need this space for things you really don't want at your new house, or for things that won't fit. You may also want the space so that you have the ability to slowly move your things into your new house at your leisure. In any case, it's important to make sure you have the necessary insurance coverage on these items, and here are three steps to take to make sure you have the right coverage.

Tips For A Successful Move: Cleaning Out, Defrosting And Moving The Refrigerator

Americans are constantly on the move. 14.19% of Americans move annually whether it be to a different country, state, city or even down the block. If you are planning on moving to a new location that is over a 30-minute drive away from where you are currently residing, you will need to defrost your refrigerator if you plan on bringing it with you. Defrosting a refrigerator will prevent water leakages on other items during the move, which can result in water damage.

3 Tips To Keep Your Dad's Antique Car Safe In Self-Storage

If your beloved father passed away and left behind an antique car, you may want to place it in self-storage to keep it safe. But if you don't know how to prepare the car for storage, you can inadvertently damage the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Here are three tips to keep in mind when storing your father's antique car. Store the Car Indoors Vintage cars of all types are vulnerable to weather damage, especially if they're rare or limited editions that have custom paint jobs and trims.